Sociology MTM Subcommittee Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Erika Giesen (she/her)
Agreed! To me, it seems like a blend of advising between the MTM/AAOT/Guided Pathways will be useful.
Jessica Vasquez-Tokos (she/her)
Totally makes sense.
Dr. Kristin Mauro
Advising is key to the success of these tools.
Alex Olsen - UCC
How does this impact our COM requirement then? Because that’s an OR one, and I know the course numbering is different for the course at UCC?
Alex Olsen - UCC
I believe it has a speech prefix
Jessica Vasquez-Tokos (she/her)
In looking at my notes, UO's preference would be MATH 243. MATH 243 at UO satisfies our SOC 312. With respect to numbering that is the same but not equivalent across institutions, here is my note: "At those ccs [where MTH 243 transfers at MATH 221T to UO), the students need to do both MTH 243 and MTH 244 to get the equivalent of MATH 243 here (at UO)."
Jessica Piekielek (she/her)
I'll be back in just a few minutes.
Alex Olsen - UCC
That’s really good to know Jessica! What are the titles of MTH243 and MTH244 at UO? Because I know that MTH244 isn’t offered at UCC from what I can find.
Alex Olsen - UCC
Or is it that some CC’s 243 would transfer?
Jessica Vasquez-Tokos (she/her)
MATH 243 Intro Probabil & Stats >4 4.00 cr.
Jessica Vasquez-Tokos (she/her)
Oddly, not finding Math 244, gack.
Jessica Vasquez-Tokos (she/her)
Sounds like some cc's 243 would transfer. Not sure who parses this out--peculiar!
Alex Olsen - UCC
the poll disappeared!
Jessica Vasquez-Tokos (she/her)
Per the earlier conversation about electives (with respect to transferring to UO) here is more detail I received: The answer is yes, they can take more. However, more than that will not help them make any progress toward completing either their major or their general education requirements. So it should be a lower priority than other classes that would fulfill those categories. Taking SOC classes beyond what we have outlined would count towards credits. Students are required to have 180 credits to graduate, which is more than all the major requirements plus all the general education requirements combined. However, once the major requirements and the general education requirements are complete, the additional SOC classes would be nothing more than extra lower division credits.
Kia Sorensen
Alex Olsen - UCC
That’s what I figured they’d transfer as! Thanks for the info Jessica. Sounds like it still wouldn’t harm them to have an extra SOC class or two and they still would graduate on time.
Jessica Vasquez-Tokos (she/her)
Yes, glad we could get this clarified.
Alex Olsen - UCC
Feedback from my registrar when they tried running our MTM! It looked like for the most part that the MTM’s could use the same courses. To make it simple I used ENG 104 and ENG 105 as the Arts and Letters requirement (also meets the CL requirement and SPAN 201, 202 or 203 could replace the courses and still work. I used SOC 204 and SOC 205 for Social Science, BI 101 and BI 102 for Natural Science. I used MTH 243 since that was the common math that the majority of universities were allowing (though MTH 105 would still work). I used WR 227 for the writing course, SOC 225 that looks like it can be used as either the Sociology elective or the anthropology, and SP 111 as the COMM 111 equivalent. When adding these courses into a degree audit in both the AAOT and CMT programs you can see that the CMT would be fulfilled a 100% and the majority of the AAOT would be fulfilled.
Alex Olsen - UCC
Just got this
Alex Olsen - UCC
Know it’s the end of the meeting but wanted to share.
Jessica Vasquez-Tokos (she/her)
Bye all
Dr. Kristin Mauro
Thank you, bye! :)
Thomas Barry
Thank you!